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Whithout a song or a dance, what are we? So I say:

thank you for the music, for giving it to me.

This words from Abba's song "Thank you for the music" are very true for me. Music, poetry, dance and all kind of arts are precious gifts that we must cherish. Every arty second is worth eternity.

On this page you will find my next performances, featured contents and some information about my background as an artist. Follow the links to learn more about my virtual choir Vox Humana and my art blog My Favorite Things.

Highlights and News

This last year has been a difficult year for live performer. I was lucky to be able to use the time for one of my passions: my virtual choir called Vox Humana. Visit my YouTube channel by clicking on the videos or on the link above.

Interesting stuff from work and education

Talking about Ethics does not always have to be complicated. Here you can hear an entertaining interview with Rete Uno, the Swiss-Italian national radio, about everyday's Ethics (in Italian).

My Background as an Artist

As much as I love hearing a nice concert, reading good literature, watching a good movie or fireworks, I was also blessed with the gift of being able to make music. After studying at the State Conservatoire "Guido Cantelli" in Novara (Italy), I was trained on the method of Dynamic Singing (L. Bachner) at the Singing School Maria Badlauf and attended the Opera Workshop of the Conservatoire Zurich. As a pianist, flutist and singer in different formations, I was able to perform in different venues like Hallenstadion in Zurich, the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Elbphilarmonie in Hamburg. Here are some of the Highlights from the past:

This part is still under construction!

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