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Coronavirus Pandemics: my appeal concerning

the current situation


Dear friends, I call on you:


1. Go further than the measures defined by the Government: stay at home whenever it is possible.


2. If you manage a team, let your colleagues work from home whenever it is possible. Make use of all possibilities like reduced working times. Do this not to protect yourself or your colleagues, but to protect the more fragile part of the population and our healthcare system.

3. Only rely on scientific experts and always check the source of information is reliable.


4. Do not give room to panic: not only it is unnecessary but it also causes more issues.

5. Whenever it is possible, help people around you.




I would like to explain my appeal further:


Ad 1: Currently the authorities are under extreme pressure. They have to consider many different interests. At this political level it is difficult to evaluate the medical situation with the necessary precision (with some exceptions). Therefore the measures they issue always have a political hue and are not identical to the measures medical authorities would issue if they were totally independent.

Ad 2: Nowadays many tasks can be completed working from home. The physical presence at work is necessary only for a few jobs and only in certain situations. Not urgent tasks can be postponed now. We will have time to talk about the economical consequences later: our healthcare system doesn't have this time right now.

Ad 3: Nowadays information is accessible to everyone. Unfortunately though, it has become more difficult to understand how reliable it is, even on higher levels. Always check what is the scientific opinion on every piece of information and always check the source of it. If you feel unsure, I am glad to help with that. Furthermore, right now the scientific communities lack some important pieces of the puzzle. In these cases we are never allowed to proceed by extrapolation, but we just have to act with caution.

Ad 4: Staying at home helps the whole system. The aim is to avoid any possible transfer of the virus. Don't forget that only a small fraction of the population is being tested: the numbers of infected people might seem small compared to the whol population, but they don't take into account individuals who are infected and untested. Nonetheless panic is unnecessary (taking into account e.g. the experience in other countries) and only causes even more problems (in the delivery and production chain). If you feel panic, seek for help and advice.

Ad 5: It is heart-warming to see how many people are reaching out to help others. Help those who cannot go out, like your older neighbour or a friend with a chronic illness. In doing so, never forget the rules of hygiene and social distancing. We will make it together.

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